I believe there is an art to being lost. It's beautiful to me to wander aimlessly sometimes. Becoming lost doesn't have to be in the real world it can be anywhere. I can get lost through google searches, video games, going for a walk, creating a new project, etc. I think I most enjoy the exploration of it all because becoming lost opens up doors.


There's something fantastic about getting lost. In fairytales the main character will often get hopelessly lost. They usually learn a new lesson. These stories have the character interact with monsters, princesses, wizards, etc. When I get lost I feel like one of these characters I idolized as a child. There's something whimisical about getting lost. Now I wander around craft stores, park trails, neighborhood streets, and anywhere that interests me.


What leads to me becoming lost? What makes me want to wander? It often happens when I need to be alone. When I can't keep my head straight. My thoughts need to be cleared, so I'll find something. Maybe it's a place, or a book, an idea, or a website. I go to it, lose myself to feel free. It makes me feel like there's nothing to control me. Soon I'm lost.


There's freedom in isolation. Anywhere I become lost is usually quiet. The emptiness brings safety and solice. I don't feel lonely when this happens. I feel myself changing in the environment, and the fears melt away. Here I'm alone, but not sad. There can be sadness, but it's followed with hope and reassurance. I never run out of ways to wander aimlessly. The safety I find in being lost is too wonderful. Another Variation