The concept of a ghost is largely associated with ancestor worship. The history of believing in ghosts can be traced back to Mesopotamian civilizations and their religions.

Jack o Lantern
The tradition of Jack o Lanterns originates from Ireland. The story of Stingy Jack tells of how Jack tricks the devil. It ends with him wandering around with a turnip lantern because he couldn't go to heaven or hell.

Vampire myths became popular in the 1800s with stories of medieval rulers like Vlad the Impaler and Countess Elizabeth bathory. Their legends are largely associated with aristocracy.

The earliest example of witches comes from the Bible when King Saul called for the Witch of Endor around 900 BC. In Europe during the 1400s women were executed in mass amounts as witches during hysteria.

Mirrors are symbolically associated with the self, truth, and wealth. Mirrors are believed to become haunted when a person dies in their house. The mirrors inside have the potential to become haunted. This lead to many people covering mirrors after someone's death to prevent them becoming haunted.
Haunted House
Haunted Houses are known for being large old and empty houses. This comes from 1920s opulent mansions being largely abandoned during the Great Depression. The interest in these houses became popular because of their imense wealth.
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